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The label that stings!!!...
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Hi there...

Ronce Records comes

planter the spine of the


on your turntables,

in the vegetation

uniform music,

which you are proposed,

opt for an Alternative,

originality, meaning,

convictions ...

Break up your daily life ...

Plow your brain ...

In short ...

Ronce Records is here

to make you

your WILD state !!!

New Badges!!!...

New Ronce Records Badges are here!...

The series "Bramble Leaves and Stones"...

10 Models with different Funds...

50 copies of each!

Always offered for all orders placed on the site,

or Available in Category "Merch"...


New Ronce Records T-shirts

"Reaction Creation Insoumission",available in "Merch".

Model: Sand Tézed.

Photo: Fab Crobard.

Label - Distro - No Profit

Ronce Records is a Label "No Profit" and "Do It Yourself"...And yes...That's say that all the money generated by the Distribution's sales,is donated in the disks production or in the distribution,itself...

You can be sure that by buying records on this website,you will necessarily help a band,see many to release theirs...

A Good Hearing...





New Stickers...

New Label's Stickers have arrived,and they are still available with Orders.

If you want to buy only a Sticker,look in the Category "Merch".


New Flyers!...

New Ronce Records Flyers have arrived!....

You can contact me if you want to spread the good word....

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Ronce Records Anthem (Laurent Noise Generator)
Press "PLAY"...
"Les Partisans - S/T - Orange's Vinyl...."

The Transparent Orange Vinyls of Les Partisans has arrived...

Yes,with the Band,we decided to bring out their first Album,this fabulous opus had been sold out for far too long.

It's accompanied by a Badge and a Sticker of the Band,it's cellophaned but is still accompanied by a protected plastic pouch...I'm very happy that Les Partisans have decided to continue the adventure with Ronce Records.

It's in the "Productions" Category...



"Zikenstock 2019...."

The Festival Zikenstock's Pass are available and they leave quickly!...

Like every year,Ronce Records is very happy to help the Festival,and i thank them for their trust.

This year,the Festival will take place on Friday,May 10 at 14:00 and on Saturday,May 11 2019 at 13:00,on stage:

On Friday: R.A.S - Non Servium - Discharge - Cockney Rejects - Svinkels - +2 Bands to confirm.

On Saturday: La Gachette - Rude Pride - Two Tone Club - Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs - Puppetmastaz - Bad Manners - Ludwig Von 88.

Zikenstock is still at: Marché aux Bestiaux,Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,59360 Le Cateau-Cambrésis.

With Labels Stands,Food,Campsite,and a Team full of good mood.

It will be,again,a nice party...Like every year...

Tickets are available in "Billetterie Concert" Category,Page 2 of the Shop



Pour votre commande...

    Ronce Records accepts all forms of secure payments...

    Thank you for your visit.


"Quartier Libre - L'Espoir Fait Vivre"

On the occasion of the 12 years of "L'Espoir Fait Vivre",Quartier Libre's release.

We decided in agreement with the Band to release this Vinyl Album for the first time...And on Red & Black Marble Vinyl,please!...

At the time,it was released on Digipack CD,it was time to fix it for an Album that has been out of print for too long....

Pressing Tests are validated!....More than wait for the Records!...


"La Gachette....New Release!...."
The new Release of La Gachette,the Canadian's Band,is finally available!...It's in the "Productions" Category....

It's a Vinyl with Insert + Band's Sticker,it will be named "20 Ans d'Insoumission".

The NEW VIDEO CLIP is online!...

The Digipack CD,Canadian Pressing,is available in the CD's Category.

Good listening!....


"Ronce Records Hoodies!...."

Ronce Records Hoodies are here!....

They are available in "Merch" (Page 2 on the Shop) in Size S, M, L, XL!...Size XXL is Sold Out....

This Model comes from fair trade and isn't tested on animals.

Ronce Records does its utmost to stay,as usual,in a militant approach...

Be careful,they live rather quickly...


"Mindcuffed - No Roots LP...."

The Mindcuffed's Release is here!....It's available in the "Productions" Category....

This Album is available in 3 Colors,Black,Green and Red...

Here to give you an overview...  Plus d'info

He's huge!...


"Les Partisans Tshirts..."

Les Partisans Tshirts are here!...

Male and Female's models are available in the Merch Category. ..

Come On,Rudeboy!...

Tortue .

"A Split World CD"

"A Split World" has arrived!...This is a Split Digipack CD that will feature two Bands...

Chux Bollox from Le Havre (F) and Pluto Crevé (La Réunion)....

19 Titles in all...

Drawings and Graphics by Chester and Nico Chux...Two Boys who are used to working with Ronce Records...

Two Youtube's Clips!...

Chux Bollox "Stay True": Plus d'info

Pluto Crevé "Attaque et Tue": Plus d'info

Good listening!...



"New Ronce Records Tshirts....."

"Love Music Hate Fascism - Ronce Records"...The New Label's Tshirts are available in the "Merch" Category....

For Men and Women...

Ronce Records,an Activist Label?...It has always been....


"Tribute for Les Partisans!...."

The Tribute for Les Partisans Band is available!...

This project was launched at the instigation of Fab from Quartier Libre and Norb's from Les Partisans...

This beautiful Vinyl 12 " regroups Friends of Les Partisans who take back their best pieces!....

She's called "Tribute pour Les Partisans - Avec Les Copains"!....

What tube,what!.... With: Klasse Kriminale, Los Fastidios, Skassapunka, Quartier Libre, Contingent Anonyme, Les Trois Huit, Voraces in Sta Press, Reverend  Powell Orchestra, Garage Lopez, J'aurais Voulu, Enraged Minority....French and International's Bands....

There were 547 Vinyls,so i was obliged to do 47 inserts in more.They are different from the others 500,so you can select the one you want when you order the LP.

The first orders will be accompanied by a Les Partisans Sticker.  

The Flyer was directed by Mr. Fab Crobard.


"Ronce Records Booking Agency...."

I decided to launch Ronce Records in the Booking of dates for the Label's Bands....

Ronce Records Booking Agency!....I am preparing everything so that this project is born in good conditions.

It will take me a little more time,a project like that,it is not taken lightly,and I want,as usual,that it is something square.

So very soon,you will see this Logo,designed and created by Chester and Nico Chux Bollox,on concert posters!

See you soon for fresh news!....



Free Download...Compilation "Des Rêves et Des Cauchemars"...
Free Download...Compilation "Des Rêves et Des Cauchemars - Volume 2"...
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