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The label that stings!!!...
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Hi there...

Ronce Records comes

planter the spine of the


on your turntables,

in the vegetation

uniform music,

which you are proposed,

opt for an Alternative,

originality, meaning,

convictions ...

Break up your daily life ...

Plow your brain ...

In short ...

Ronce Records is here

to make you

your WILD state !!!

New Stickers...

New Label's Stickers have arrived,and they are still available with Orders.


Label - Distro - No Profit

Ronce Records is a Label "No Profit" and "Do It Yourself"...And yes...That's say that all the money generated by the Distribution's sales,is donated in the disks production or in the distribution,itself...

You can be sure that by buying records on this website,you will necessarily help a band,see many to release theirs...

A Good Hearing...





New Flyers!...

New Ronce Records Flyers have arrived!....Drawing and Graphics by E.T Déconing... 

You can contact me if you want to spread the good word....

"Social Networks..."

Ronce Records Facebook: Plus d'info    

Ronce Records Twitter: Plus d'info   

Youtube Tortue Ronce's Channel: Plus d'info  

YinY Tortue Ronce's Channel: Plus d'info

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Ronce Records Anthem (Laurent Noise Generator)
Press "PLAY"...
"Split PKRK vs Brassen's Not Dead..."

"PKRK vs Brassen's Not Dead" Split Vinyl 7" has arrived!...

Two Bands who shared the Stage several times together.

Youtube's Teaser: Plus d'info 

On YinY:  Plus d'info

It's accompanied by 2 Stickers and a Protective Pouch...


"Stateless - Humanity Loss"

The Stateless Dark Pink Vinyl with Black Smoke is here!...

It was recorded at Disvlar Studio by Steph from Human Compost,wich is to say that we will have to expect a hearing discharge!...

I'm very happy that Ronce Records is finally collaborating with Stateless,the members having become real Friends...

It's available in "PRODUCTIONS"!...

NEW YOUTUBE'S CLIP here:  Plus d'info

And on YinY:  Plus d'info

See you soon. Tortue.

Pour votre commande...

    Ronce Records accepts all forms of secure payments...

    Thank you for your visit.


"Tribute pour Les Partisans Volume 2..."

The "Tribute pour les Partisans Avec les Copains - Volume 2" LP has just left at the factory!...

Project led by Norb's of Les Partisans...

Les Partisans deserved a second Volume of this Compilation of Bands that play their songs back... 

And more beautiful people on it: Jo & The Bad Boys, Les LupoÏ, Inerdzia, Les Zéclopés, Amilcar, The Berbiseyans, La Gachette, S69, The Sambas, Ultra Razzia, Koroll, Alone Johnson.

Those who liked the first Volume should still enjoy it!...And for latecomers,there are still a few copies of the first Volume in "Productions"... 

Flyer by Crobard.

See you soon for fresh news!


"Excluded - Legions of War..."

The new Excluded's Album (Streetpunk - Mexico) is at the factory!...

It's called "Legions of War"...

This Album will be released in Gray Vinyl in Co-production with Emergency Records (Czech Republic) and Potencial Hardcore (Spain).

There will also be a CD version,but it will be released in Mexico.

New Online Clip:  Plus d'info     

YinY:  Plus d'info

Flyer by Chester.

The Test Pressings are validated!...More than to wait for the Vinyls!...


Starving Wolves on Ronce Records!...

Starving Wolves Gold and Black Marbled Vinyl is here!...David Rodriguez new Band (The Casualties - Krum Bums)...It's available in "Productions"!...

It's just Streetpunk Bombshell as i like...

"True Fire" will therefore be released on Vinyl (LP) for European/Canadian version...On Cassette in Europe...And on CD in China...

This Album is a Killer!...

You can listen to a song here:  Plus d'info

And a second one here:  Plus d'info  

UP THE PUNX!... Tortue.

Turtle's Tanks and Kids Tshirts...

They are all hot,they just come out of their shells!...

Girls Tank Tops and Kids Tshirts are here!...

Drawing and Graphics by Chester. 

Available in "Merch",Page 2 of the Shop...


Pestpocken - Another World is Possible.

The Pestpocken's New Album,"Another World is Possible" has here!...

It's available on CD Digipack,Splatter Vinyl and Picture Disc in "Productions"!...

3 formats for this excellent Album...

The Repressage in Picture Disc of the Album "No Love for a Nation" is also available!...

Here is a Clip from the new Album...

Youtube:  Plus d'info

UP THE PUNX!... Tortue. 

"Lazy Doll Factice - Pinces Sans Rire..."
The Lazy Doll Factice's Album is here!...
It's available in LP and CD in the "Productions" Category...
Here's the Band's New Clip...

Youtube:  Plus d'info  

YinY:  Plus d'info

"U-Sister...First Album..."


And the Band's Tshirts in "Merch",page 2 of the Shop!...    

Proletarian Punk System Approximately,this is how the U-Sister define themselves,when you know that the Band has three fellow-travelers who are not completely unknow to the Punk's Scene,one may wonder if this is if approximate than that...

U-Sister,it's Charlu (Ludwig von 88,Nuclear Device,etc...),Pierre (Lost Tape) and Tutu on the Drums that bring us here a Punk Rock throbbing,kidnapped,oppressive,punctuated and percussive,Abrasive Guitar Riffs,a Bass that Hammers you,a Rythm that taps you,Sounds that obsess you...In short,U-Sister are not Rabbits of the Year and it feels...

"Touche Toi" Youtube's Teaser:  Plus d'info

"Touche Toi" Youtube's Teaser - Hardcore Worldwide's Channel:  Plus d'info     

"Touche Toi" YinY's Teaser:  Plus d'info

"Evolution" Youtube's Teaser:  Plus d'info 

"Evolution" YinY's Teaser:  Plus d'info  

The Band currently gives a lot of interviews to Radios and Webzines,find all the usefull links on the Ronce Records Facebook:  Plus d'info 

You risk to take this Album in your face because the Band quotes as Dead Kennedys,Fugazi,Joy Division and Bad Brains influences,even if here,the texts are sung in French... 

Band's Badges and Stickers are offered with the Disc Orders!...


"Back in Stock and Arrival!..."

All Men's Sizes from "Ronce Records" Tshirt are Back in Stock!...

And Arrival of Tank Tops for Women!...

It's available in "Merch"...


Free Download...Compilation "Des Rêves et Des Cauchemars"...
Free Download...Compilation "Des Rêves et Des Cauchemars - Volume 2"...
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